our walk today - one dog’s joy. the other, humiliation. or is that sweater envy.

outdoor cooking, tending to husbands poison ivy: tecnu (works wonders), baby chick gathering, outdoor showers, beer. done.

friday evening at the coop. everyone sweats, chickens included. beer helps.


Feathered Lady.

I finished another chicken portrait this week. 

On Etsy.

wood burned portraits of chickens! and dogs. and cats. and people.

everyone look another way, now!

Friday night is Russian stout and baby chicken watchin. someone’s gotta do it …

old Rasputin, sweaty porch cleaning, my sweet pie & a clanky old fan.

look out cracker barrel patrons of greenville texas. i made my folks a corsage and boutineer to wear today. made with fabric scraps, vintage linen napkins and doilies. lots of fun.

sxsw on the couch

sxsw means i open my windows. no badge required. #livingeastaustin

we lay by the pond.